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About PetsFind

This super handy device would be soon essential. Never should you lose your favourite pets, because of this new tracking technique. Think for example tracing your location of your lost dog, cat, rabbit or a pig. How does this work?! You may ask. Call the device to reveal hidden pet with a sound or send an SMS to the device and you should get the coordinates back! It’s that easy.
It’s not only a “Trace and find” my pet though. You can record the speed, the places he’s been and several other interesting data. Also you can give access to this device to your partner or other persons you trust.


The pet gps tracker

This device can track the movements and you can view the coordinates of your pet through Google Maps. It also has a warning built-in that if your pet goes way above the speed limit you set on your device, it will send a warning to your phone. It has an SOS button and a Geofence.